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Lord Selkirk Park Housing Development, a unique community located in the Point Douglas district of Winnipeg’s North End, is Manitoba’s largest social housing complex, with 178 townhouse units and 126 single apartments. Like many public housing complexes, Lord Selkirk Park is a historically disadvantaged community with high rates of unemployment and social assistance usage. In the 1990s, the complex was half-empty with many of the housing units boarded up; there was a substantial gang presence, and many residents did not feel safe in the community.

Community Renewal

Collaboration between the Lord Selkirk Park community, local agencies and organizations, and the Government of Manitoba led to investments in housing, education and social services, resulting in positive changes for those living and working in the community – truly a community of change!

In 2005, the North End Community Renewal Corporation, a local community development agency, received funding through a Province of Manitoba initiative to lead community consultations and work towards reducing crime and violence in the housing development. After consultation with community leaders and academics, the Manitoba Government provided further funding to invest in various renewable initiatives in Lord Selkirk Park; these investments fostered the growth of a more stable community for families and children (Selkirk, 2016). This process provided momentum for a number of positive changes

In 2009, Manitoba Housing began a major renovation of the complex, including the addition of a new child care facility for the community. In the following video, Carolyn Young, Executive Director of the community agency Manidoo Gi-Miini Gonaan, describes the beginning of the changes in the community. While they still experience many of the challenges that are commonly found in vulnerable communities, there is a renewed sense of hope in Lord Selkirk Park.

Listen as the late Elder Madeline Mousseau describes her role in the community, her involvement at Lord Selkirk Park Child Care Centre, and her hopes for the neighbourhood.

In the next video, Carly Sass, the home visitor for Lord Selkirk Park Child Care Centre from 2014 - 2020, discusses her experience of working in the community.

Ian Mauro and Jim Silver, of the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Winnipeg, produced a video in 2017 describing the transformation of the Lord Selkirk Park community. Watch below as residents share their experiences and hopes for the community that they now call "a good place to live".

More information on the history of the Lord Selkirk Park Housing Development can be found here:

North End Winnipeg’s Lord Selkirk Park Housing Development: History, Comparative Context, Prospects by Jim Silver.​

Community Organizations

Many community organizations offer health care, social supports, and training options in the North End of Winnipeg; the following links provide more information on some of these local resources.

Manidoo Gi Miini Gonaan

Kaakiyow li moond likol Adult Learning Centre

North End Community Renewal Corporation

North End Women's Centre

Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre

Ma Mawi Chi Itata Centre

Mount Carmel Clinic

Winnipeg Boldness Project